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 • Welcome to Local Trade Group! • 



Local Trade Group's (“LTG”) Mission is to facilitate "Modern Bartering" between Member Businesses to help them grow, conserve hard-earned cash, and to Earn More Money!

- Pam Hanson, founder of Local Trade Group




We hope you find our recently updated website  informative and an easy-to-use experience. Please let us how we could make it even better!

Parts of this website were reworded and redesigned by Larry Rudwick from
McWick, Inc., an LTG Member •
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 • Jumpstart Your Knowledge of LTG! • 

Video about LTG, Prospect Referral Program and this Website (at 3:40)


There are 3 ways to quickly jumpstart your knowledge about the basics of LTG.

1) Read this Homepage and listen to its videos (including the video just above). Please Note: If you would like to watch this video larger, first click "YouTube" in the lower right of the video. Then, larger still, click on "Theatre Mode" or "Full Screen" box to the lower right. Also: To strictly watch the video instructions of this website, skip to 3:40.

2) Download and read our condensed LTG "e-brochure". Click HERE to download the Local Trade Group e-brochure.

For more detailed information, as you read the e-brochure, click on the active links. And click on the tabs on the right column of this website under "Information", then click on the "Exchange Information" dropdown menu, and select the subjects of interest to you. 

3) Find out More about the 2019 LTG Prospect Referral Program Click For More Details about The LTG Referral Program

Also in the right column, in "Member Directory" you will find info about LTG members. "Hotel/Travel" will detail places you can travel to and stay at. And "Marketplace" includes tens of thousands of other businesses in our Trade Alliance you can also trade with. Note: Some of the screens require a Member Login to fully access.

Help and Be Helped: Please let us know if you have ideas/suggestions how we can make LTG even better! For answers you haven't found on our website, just ask Pam or one of our Members. We want to make the LTG experience as time-effective and rewarding as we can!


• CNBC Video about Trade Groups • 

CNBC Video about Modern Bartering


 • Why Join Local Trade Group? • 

  Why join Local Trade Group?

The main reasons are to get new customers, additional business, and more sources to trade with and purchase from.


 • How Modern Bartering Works • 

  How Modern Bartering Works

LTG is a Trade Group based in the CSRA that is part of large barter exchange. Our members can trade with each other, as well as members from the whole barter exchange, located around the country.

Unlike old fashioned bartering, where you provide products or services to someone else, and they must reciprocate (providing you something in return), in “Modern Bartering”, members receive “Trade Dollars”, which members can spend with other members in Local Trade Group or the whole trade exchange.

The Whole Trade Exchange:  Members of Local Trade Group have access to goods and services from tens of thousands of businesses nationwide and beyond through our affiliation with the TheTrade Alliance®, a consortium of independently owned barter exchanges!

If you haven’t heard of modern bartering in trade groups, you are not alone. Trade groups have been around for decades and it’s a growing industry.

LTG does many things to help its members. From helping to introduce members to each other, to facilitating trades both locally and beyond, to providing its members with the necessary paperwork and taking care of government requirements.

It’s a way to obtain new business. It’s a way to meet more business people, discover new opportunities, and have some new enjoyment.

Modern Bartering Can Be FUN!!

 • LTG Member Benefits • 

How LTG Members Benefits


 • Marketing LTG Members •.

Ways Local Trade Group Markets Our Members

The #1 reason new members join LTG is to get new business from new customers. Here are some ways LTG helps you do this by marketing its members:

• LTG Website: Member’s businesses are listed and described on our website.

Nationally: Your business will also be listed and can be found on our alliance barter group’s site.

• Emails: are frequently sent out, promoting LTG’s newer as well as long-standing members.

• By Phone: Pam phones LTG members to better learn their needs, to keep them informed and to facilitate trades.

• Networking Events: 2 to 4 times per year, Pam will arrange a networking event at one of LTG’s Member’s locations, usually catered by one or more of our Member’s businesses - a great way for members to meet each other directly, find out more about each others’ businesses, and become friends!








Some members & guests who attended LTG's Fall 2016 Networking Event



L• Testimonials from LTG Members •L

LTG has not only opened doors for me locally but all over the US! I like using my trade dollars for my business and personally. Pam is very helpful to my business.
Sally Coxwww.EtchedMemory.com • 706-550-1020

Click to read More Testimonials from LTG Members.


 • Frequently Asked Questions •.

What are key advantages of Trading? Trading produces new business; when spending earned trade dollars, you conserve cash for other uses.

May I trade only some of my products/services? Yes, you may choose which products or services you will offer for sale on trade. You may also choose not to sell on trade temporarily.

Can trade enhance my personal life? Absolutely. Members can go on vacations, eat out, see doctors and more, paying with trade. The possibilities are almost endless.

Can joining LTG help me earn more US currency? Yes. The more trade business you successfully do, the more likely trade members will refer their non-trade friends to your business.

This is interesting. How can I find out more? Click for More Frequently Asked Questions.

Or contact Pam Hanson; she will be happy to answer your questions.


 • Additional Members Wanted! .

"Who makes good prospective members?"

Owners of privately-owned small to medium-size businesses, who are open-minded to new ideas! Businesses include, but not limited to: various business services, restaurants, doctors, dentists & orthodontists, cleaning services, printers, handymen, accountants, attorneys, golf courses, computer sales, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, painters, veterinarians, promotional products, doctors, catering, hotels, B&Bs and many more!

Also, Members who refer new members will benefit by earning both Trade Dollars AND US currency. Click For More Details about The LTG Referral Program



 • Members Directory •.


Click Here for the Latest LTG MEMBERS DIRECTORY


Apply for Membership Here

If you'd like to apply for an LTG membership, click the "Sign Up Now" button. Filling out the form is quick and easy.

After your application is received, you will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Please Note: Filling out the application neither requires you to join LTG nor does it guarantee membership. Though we are looking for new members, we want to make sure you will be a good fit for LTG and vice versa.

Thank you!


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