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 "If I had my life to live over again, I would elect to be a trader of goods rather than a student of science. I think barter is a noble thing."

Albert Einstein

Trade Exchange Video from NBC- a Must Watch

Businesses barter all the time for a variety of goods and services. But sometimes direct bartering (1 to 1) may not work out for both parties. Local Trade Group in the CSRA area bridges the gap with a network (sell to 1 buy from many) of high quality companies, with sought after products and services that makes trading easy, profitable and equitable.  Local Trade Group can help you:

· Save Cash
· Increase sales and profitability                .
· We have a built in local and national customer base for your business.
· Make use of excess capacity, products, time, etc.
· We bring everyone new customers, more business, referrals, and more.
· Cash is king, but Barter is SMARTER

Barter works best when both parties can easily use the barter exchange for products they want and can really use. At Local Trade Group we truly understand the meaning of the value and strive to deliver clients that both need your products and that will freely provide theirs as well.

Our goal is to be the best member-friendly Trade Exchange in North America.

Local Trade Group was founded because our region lacked a critical tool for local businesses - a professional Trade Exchange. Our vision is quickly coming to reality - a large, dynamic organization that brings opportunity for local businesses. Local Trade Group is managed with integrity and professionalism.

Why Barter... Save Cash. Increase Business. 

Bartering can help your business get from where it is now, to where you WANT it to be. With Local Trade Group you can get what you need or want, with the products and services you already have.

· Barter saves cash, increases business, and reduces overhead.
· A rebirth of the most ancient way of doing business, barter is booming!
· Barter sends you “new business” you never had and reduces slack time.
· No surprises!  All transactions are 100% trade other than sales tax or gratuity.
· Enhance your life with barter dollars.
· Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies barter... Why aren’t you?
· We are happy to make the initial contact for you on any transaction, to make it         effortless and save you time.
· If your business has excess inventory or down time, barter can turn it into your         business/personal needs and wants.
· Send us your referrals, they join, you earn trade dollars!


When you buy on barter you are buying at wholesale.
Example: You provide a service/product to someone for $100 and your out of pocket cash cost to supply that service is $40. When you spend your trade dollars you are getting $100 in goods or services for a cash cost of $40.  
What would you rather do:
Buy an ad for $1000 cash
Buy that same ad for $1000 barter
Your real out of pocket cost in cash is $400, saving you $600 in cash.
You will save money by not spending cash for things you can trade for.
You can expand your market share and draw customers away from your competition.
We have customers for you now!
We have a simple, easy system.

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 Trading 101

What is Trade/Barter? Trade/Barter is the exchange of goods and services without the use of cash. Local Trade Group gives you the flexibility to trade with many different vendors by using trade dollars as the method of payment. This frees you from the limitation of direct trading only between two parties. When you sell and buy, your account is credited and debited accordingly. The advantages to your business are increased sales from the new customers we bring you and cash saved by using trade instead of cash.

We all depend on Cash sales for our lifeblood. Cash is clearly KING - the next best thing is Trade, so Trade is SMARTER. You will get new customers and earn income that you would have not received prior to joining Local Trade Group - We will get you new customers!

1. Buying at Wholesale:

When you sell your product through Local Trade Group you sell at your regular cash price. Your cost is your wholesale cost, so when you BUY through Local Trade Group, in effect you are buying at your wholesale cost. Since you are trading at your cost - you are buying at cost. Think of the fun you will have buying at cost. Our members find it pretty exciting to be able to buy from a huge group of local businesses, and when you consider the facts - You will save a pile of cash!

2. Marketing:


The network of Local Trade Group will become your customers... and friends and colleagues. Think of the advantages of having a region-wide group of people that are your advocates - this takes time - but with networking events, emails, phone calls and most importantly when they become customers that are thrilled to do business with you - you will have some huge advantages over other businesses in the Augusta CSRA area.

3. Free Leverage (YES- FREE):

A Critical part of Local Trade Group is our interest-free lines of credit (LOC). Our LOC's are NOT CREDIT CARD or BANK LOANS. Yes - our lines must be paid back - but you pay them back by trading your goods and services - not with cash. (If you default - cash is required). Our job at Local Trade Group is to help you get the trade sales that you need to repay your line. Imagine your local bank helping you get sales to pay back your mortage!

How a Savvy Plumber Saved a Marriage!

Imagine this scenario:

Let’s take the case of “Gary The Green Grocer”. Gary sells fresh fruits and vegetables. He has a 5,000 square foot building, huge refrigerators and display bins, 6 employees and an overhead door and a cool blinking neon “Open” sign. The problem? He has a major plumbing problem- the sewer line beneath the concrete floor has collapsed leading to a catastrophe- a smelly, disgusting and dangerous sewer back up!

Gary calls “Paul The Plumber”

The repair cost? $10,000. The floor must be sawed up and underground pipes replaced. It is a huge emergency plumbing job. Business is good but not that good. Short of going hat in hand to his annoying “In laws” or small-minded banker for a loan- what can Gary do?

Gary has a brainstorm.

What if he TRADES with the plumber? Gary considers the possibility. Gary has excess capacity- after all he is not 100% busy all the time. He marks up his produce by 100%- meaning that when he sells something for a dollar- it only costs him 50¢. All of his other costs are fixed, bank payment, labor, yellow pages, property tax and utilities- he is paying these costs anyway. If Gary can persuade Paul the Plumber to take $10,000 in produce in trade for the plumbing repair, then Gary will only be out $5,000- Gary can handle that!

Gary asks Paul- but Paul does not need $10,000 in produce- he likes to eat- but that is a lot bananas and spaghetti squash! Paul says that if he were to do a trade it would be with an orthodontist since Paul has 3 kids with crooked teeth.

Gary is Screwed!

The sewer back up is horrible. The county health department finds out and shuts him down, the local TV station shows up and does a hit piece for the 6 o’clock news during sweeps week: “Stinky Sewage in Aisle 3”. Gary’s business is ruined.

His wife divorces him and she moves in with Gary’s best friend from High School, Barry the Butcher. Barry drives by Gary’s house blasting sappy 80’s love songs in his shiny new “Smurf Blue” Camaro. Gary declares bankruptcy and is last seen selling wilted cucumbers on a lonely street corner.

Enter Local Trade Group!

But suppose Gary is a member of Local Trade Group. Local Trade Group facilitates Gary the Grocer trading with Paul the Plumber. Gary is not going to do a direct trade with Paul. Instead he is going to pay Paul with Local Trade Group trade dollars and (you guessed it!) Paul will spend those trade dollars with “Oscar the Orthodontist”!

Gary has been selling to other members of the trade exchange, accumulating trade dollars in his account. All those customers have been “found business”. Gary remembers a customer that drove from an hour away to buy produce. That customer explained that he owned a computer repair business and that he filled his idle time with new customers from the trade exchange, earning trade dollars.

Everyone it seemed was motivated to spend their trade dollars with fellow members and conserve their cash.

Gary continued to make sales through Local Trade Group. He worked closely with his Trade Broker who kept Gary informed about new members and trade opportunities. Gary spends his trade dollars on dining out, auto repairs, massages, golf, a dentist, his CPA, attorney and flowers and jewelry for his beautiful, adoring wife who just got Botox through Local Trade Group.

This, in essence is the BEAUTY OF LOCAL TRADE GROUP!


Local Trade Group Provides

All bookkeeping, record keeping and tracking for you, in near real time! Please POST all TRADES ASAP to keep our web site up to date.

Always pay the sales tax and leave a generous tip if any, with cash, and you are DONE. All members of Local Trade Group (LTG) agree to charge fellow LTG members the same price that regular cash customers pay, so you'll be treated no differently.

Our members WANT your Trade Dollars - So don't be bashful - our members appreciate the value of the Local Trade Group Trade Dollar. Our trade dollars are just as valuable as regular cash dollars.

Pick from our local members and spend your trade dollars on things that your family and business need.

Never hoard your trade dollars. The health and viability of a professional trade exchange requires that members trade their dollars frequently with fellow exchange members. Nearly all Local Trade Group Trade Dollars stay right here so for the good of our local economy- Trade Actively- Your cash savings will really add up.

Our powerful and easy to use web site is hosted by Amazon Cloud. Your data is kept safe & sound in an SAS-70 certified datacenter with 24/7, armed security personnel. Access is controlled by both cardkey and palm-print verification. Our Trading System is the world's leading Trade Exchange Platform.

In addition, Local Trade Group has a 24/7 toll free number, 1-866-334-1352, with friendly live operators that you can call and we’ll post the transaction for you. (There is NO additional charge for this handy service)

You may also call your personal Trade Broker and we’re happy to help you in any way possible. Call 706-469-8357 any time!


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