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 • Comments •    This page was created to be your "go to page" for finding LTG's very recent and not-so-recent, but still relevant news you should know. It also includes Special Offers in effect and in the works, that LTG has been and expected will be made available to help LTG Members improve their businesses.

We very much welcome your feedback and suggestions concerning how to make LTG more rewarding to be an LTG Member!


 • Current Thoughts •   Attn: LTG Members - A Call to Action!!!

LTG knows we need to recruit more Members to greatly increase the opportunities to help LTG Members improve its businesses. We now have a well-thought-out Member Referral Program we would like you to understand and hopefully participate in.

This includes a Training Program which takes just a few hours to complete. And for your effort, you will be rewarded in both Trade Dollars and US$ currency.

Furthermore, LTG is committed to joining all FOUR Chambers of Commerce. We need one Lead Member to take responsibility for recruiting New Members from each Chamber. And we need other Members to also attend Chamber meetings to all recruit New Members. The Lead Member will benefit from both its Direct Leads that join LTG and from the other Chamber Members who join pursued by other LTG Members. At this point, we are Members of the Augusta Metro Chamber. And Linda Christie is the Lead Member for that Chamber.

Would YOU like to attend networking opportunities at the Augusta Metro Chamber? Or, would you like to become a Lead Member at one of the other Chambers, as far away as Aiken?

This is a call to action: THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM! Not only would you help promote LTG and be compensated for recruiting New Members, but you would also have an opportunity to mention what your business is in conjunction with discussing LTG.

For more details, please call Larry Rudwick at 571-331-6102.


 • News •  

12/10/19 ***1. ADDITIONAL REASONS TO JOIN LTG: LTG's #1 objective is to increase our Membership. This will give all LTG Members more opportunities to trade with each other and benefit your business and potentially your personal life as well. Our latest Member Referral Program now has 8 potential ways to earn Trade Dollars as well as 8 potential ways to earn US$ currency, too!

To make it an extra-easy decision to join LTG, at the Meet & Greet at Putt Putt Fun Center, LTG announced that, effective immediately, New Members may join for NO INITIATION FEE, receive T$50 trade dollars AND a T$250 line of credit. (New Members may still choose to pay an Initiation Fee and receive additional Trade Dollars.)

***2. LTG is now contributing the cost of making videos to help LTG Members market their business. (See Specials for details.)

***3. LTG recognizes that its Members not only can benefit from more sales/trades, but also in learning new ways to manage their business. (See Specials in the Works for details.) 

 • Special Offers in the Works •  Like some FREE Business Coaching??? JUST SIGN UP!!!

12/10/19 Group Coaching/Consulting: Do you face challenges in your business you're not quite sure how to deal with? How would you like some FREE Professional Help to improve your business?

LTG knows you are an LTG Member primarily because you want your business to grow. Certified Business Coach Larry Rudwick is going to offer Group Coaching Sessions once or twice a month. Who wants to sign up and participate???

Each session will include 1) a short talk by Larry on a particular topic, 2) discussion of the previous session's homework assignment, 3) questions from participants on business challenges they face, and what future subjects participants would like covered 4) a 15-minute focus on one Member's business , and 5) a homework assignment to work on, to be discussed in the next session.

Sessions will be conducted either by online video calls or conference calls, to be determined.

This special is "In the Works" because we need to have between 5 and 10 Members join this Group. If you are interested for find out more, please call Larry Rudwick at 571-331-6102.

P.S. One of the first assignments will be to do a S.W.O.T. Analysis for your business. (If you don't know what S.W.O.T. stands for, Google it!) This exercise will help you think about your business in ways you haven't thought of before!