Business Major Categories and Sub-Categories 

The Major Categories and Sub-Categories List is a very extensive list of business types. There are 26 categories and well over 1,000 sub-categories to choose from.

How and why to use this list: This list is provided to help you do searching for suppliers of goods and services, (a) for LTG members only, (b) within 100 miles of a zip code you choose, and (c) throughout the whole network of over 50,000 business in our network.

For Example: If you are looking for help in advertising your business, the Major Category is "Advertising" as noted on Page 1, top left column. Then you will find "Advertising" in red (on the lower left column on page 1). From there you will see there are over 100 sub-categories of advertising, alphabetically from "Ad Jingles" to "Yellow Pages - Spanish".

Please Note: Just because there are 100+ sub-categories for advertising does not means that there are one or more barter members that do each of the sub-categories. 

Do an Online Search: This list can be quite helpful. It can not only show you some business categories you may not have been aware of, but this website allows you to search and find if there are businesses in our network that offer what you are interested in. This helps you find things to buy.

List Yourself Better Online: Looking at these categories may also help you to list your business under all of the appropriate categories. This increases your chances of being found online and getting more sales!

To View and Download the Categories list, click below. Happy Searching!

Click Here: Categories.pdf