• Trade Etiquette at Local Trade Group • 

LTG wants our prospects and members to know about the business environment we strive to maintain.

We ask our members to follow the Golden Rule:

                    “Treat others how you would like to be treated.”



1. Please identify yourself as a member of Local Trade Group before purchasing goods or services.

2. The buyer always pays sales tax and tips at the time of purchase in U.S. currency. Please tip generously if the service merits.

3. Just like in the cash world, Local Trade Group members may have different prices and margins than their competitors. So it may pay to shop around.

4. Be reasonable! For example: Don’t expect to book an entire dining room on a Bulldogs game night. Trade dollars are a wonderful addition to our business and personal lives, but Cash is still King. Be reasonable and considerate! Trading needs to be a win/win.

5. Honor "On Hold" status: From time to time, members may decide to stop selling some or all of the items they normally sell on trade for a while.

6. Post all transactions on the LTG website so members balances stay current.



1. Pricing: All Trades should be priced at the regular retail or suggested price.

2. Market Yourself: Let members know who you are and what you sell. Take the time to get to know each other. The networking and marketing side of Local Trade Group is a great opportunity to build your business and make new friends.

3. Return calls to fellow barter members in a timely manners, just as you would any other customer.

4. Post transactions on our website ASAP to keep balances accurate.

Please call or email the Local Trade Group office with compliments, questions, frustrations or complaints. We count on your feedback and are here to help!

Call 706-469-8357